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What's available in the unified
Contactless menu
We offer several
electronic menu formats
to choose from —
or you can have your menu
in any format

You only need to upload
the picture,
add the description,
and enter the price

Our managers will help you or do all that for you

If you wish, you'll be able
to take
orders and payments
from your guests straight
from the menu

Instant bill, payments, and tip

The visitor scans the QR code, chooses "Pay", and gets their bill immediately

Adds a tip and pays by card

The bill is closed automatically, and the employees receive a notification in the till and the Telegram bot

Money for the bar, for the kitchen, and the tip is distributed to the respective accounts Kitchen → Bank A Bar → Bank D Tips → 💳

Get the ratings and feedback from your visitors to improve their experience

Learn if there was a fly in a salad, if a waiter was rude, if the guest liked everything

Be fast to respond to the reviews of the new menu and see what people write about you online

Share great reviews on any platforms

Send polls about your new menus or an employee and any other information about how you interact with your guests

Benefits for businesses

More tips

Cashless tips as a part of the bill process

1 bill = 1 transaction

Automated splitting between the kitchen, the bar, and the tips

No mistakes

The waiters won't mix the bills or terminals, and the accountant won't have to correct anything

Personal client with analytics and accounting

Managing bank accounts and customer reviews


Receive the ratings and feedback from your visitors and improve their experience

Electronic menu

Get an electronic menu with the possibility of taking orders or use yours. It's up to you

Humane support service

You're with the mono now!

Simple pricing

1% of the check*

No connection fee

No monthly fee

No tip fee

* 1% for cards of Ukrainian issuers and 2% for cards of foreign issuers
What our customers say
«Since day one, we've only heard good things. When terminas of other banks fail, there's always a QR code that's on. The staff like it, and it's convenient for the guests.

If a visitor has places to be, there may be tension, but now they can pay the bill with the experienza by mono without waiting for the waiter.»

Ihor Sukhomlin
«It was scary at first, but now experienza by mono has become an extremely valuable thing for our restaurants and team. The waiters can focus on other important bits of the service, their tips going up and the amount of mistakes going down.

We like the convenient back-office interface: it's easy to add or remove a soleproprietor or LLP; connect a waiter's card or get a reporting for a certain period. The technical support is cool, they're quick and helpful.»

Nastia and Sasha Varava
«In September 2021, 42% of the bills in Iaponskyi Pryvit were paid via the experienza by mono.

Isn't that fantastic?»

Misha Katsurin

Integration with the tills


Can visitors without a monobank card use the unified QR code to make the payments?

Yes! The experienza by mono service is available to customers of all banks.

I've already got an electronic menu. Do I have to change it?

You can carry on using your menu. We'll add a link to it in the QR code.

Want to connect your business?